About Suraj

A guide for those in the process of healing, awakening and transformation, Suraj has practiced meditation and healing for over 40 years.   Her life is a search for truth, her wish to awaken to the true reality and to guide others to awaken.  She has studied meditation and philosophy in many different systems, including the esoteric teachings and healing modalities, while focusing on Kundalini Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra.  


She is an International Teacher, and Teacher of Teachers.  For the past 15 years she has been invited to teach extensively throughout China, Taiwan, South East Asia, Israel, India & Australia, mostly on intensive retreat, teaching and mentoring teams of teachers in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.  


She embraces the teachings of East & West, communicating across ages, languages, cultures and stages of life. 


Born in New Zealand of NGai Tahu/Waitaha descent, she is the mother of three daughters.

Suraj developed the Awakened Woman series of teachings, including Relationship, Intimacy, Pregnancy & Birth, and The Heroine’s Journey, and brought  the first  KY Woman’s Camps to China and Israel.  


Suraj holds a deep wisdom and an unusual capacity for stillness.  Her presence is love.  She has inspired transformation in the lives of thousands of students. Her light touches many hearts.  


“I am an ordinary woman.  I hold no university degree, yet I have had an extraordinary life.  From a young age I have been curious, I wanted to know why we are here living on earth.  From 17 years old, as a student nurse, I was with women as they birthed their child, at the side of those who were sick, and with those who were in the process of dying.  I experienced the knowing that we are not simply physical beings but part of a field of awareness and love far greater than we imagine.”



In  2017, in an existential crisis, she went on a personal silent retreat to Jung Nan Shan, a sacred mountain in the heart of China where spiritual masters have lived in caves for thousands of years.  She experienced a very gentle profound awakening, the realization that when we stop pushing, when we face our pain, when we stop and listen and move deeply into our self, life opens.  We awaken to the inner stillness, beyond all doing and all duality.  Since this time, she has lived gently. She moved into the natural world, living organically in harmony with the land at Arya Farm with the animals and plants, learning from nature.


Sacred Aloneness

The mountain calls to me

Enter me, come deeper

Into the stillness that is

Feel me, be one with me


I open myself for the river

The water plays its melody

Echoing in the valley

Life plays continuously 

On the surface of me


In the timelessness that

Is beyond existence 

And non-existence

Stillness prevails.


Hidden in the mists of time

Water flowing, deep pools

Water falls over rocks

Maha mudra

The oneness of 

Reality as it is.

- Suraj

Jung Nan Shan Mountain  September 2017