Awakening           Healing           Awareness 

We are here, each one of us, to open to our wholeness and embody our unique expression of Self in every moment.  

 I will not try to fix you or simply give you tools to make your life more comfortable.   
My intention as we work together is that you will connect more deeply with yourself and anchor your inner knowing and inner authority,  so that you may be guided by your soul essence to self realisation. 

We will work in a gentle and subtle way, yet it can be very direct. 

Are you ready to deepen your inner work?  
As an outcome of the inner process we begin to see the true reality and we open to a more enlightened life for all of humanity.   
In gratitude to the grace of my teachers, in this life and throughout past lives.

'To live in the mystery of life, without opposition,
is to awaken to the true reality.' - Suraj
“I am an ordinary woman.  I hold no university degree, yet I have had an extraordinary life.  From a young age I have been curious, I wanted to know why we are here living on earth.  From 17 years old, as a student nurse, I was with women as they birthed their child, at the side of those who were sick, and with those who were in the process of dying. 
I experienced the knowing that we are not simply physical beings but part of a
field of awareness and love far greater than we imagine.”
- Suraj

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