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Conscious Communication

Level 2 Teacher Training Sept 5-12, 2020
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Conscious Communication

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Awaiting confirmation of dates

About the Event

The primary objective of this course is to examine our communication to enhance our awareness in both listening, speaking, effectiveness, and sensitivity to ourselves and others.

You will learn to speak, meditatively and intuitively, not just talk. You will learn to gather your energy 

and awareness to support what you intend to communicate. You will learn to listen not just hear. 

You will explore how comfortable you are with your vastness and realize prayer as the intimate presence 

of the infinite within you. You will deepen the awareness of how every relationship is built and nurtured by communication. You will recognize and understand your hidden agendas and how 

your persona and shadow color your communication. 

If you choose to commit your whole heart to experience this course of study, you will transform your understanding and capacity to use communication. You will learn to effectively create a common notion and reality with others, even those you disagree with or who oppose you. The purpose of communication is to discharge your whole self, directly and completely. 

The manner of conscious communication is to do it with awareness, kindness and fearlessness. 

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