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Healing Ancestral Karma

The Awakened Woman; A 2 day Workshop
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Healing Ancestral Karma

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Awaiting confirmation of dates
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About the Event

 ‘As women we are extraordinarily powerful. Our power lies in our intuition and inner strength. 

Every obstacle, every challenge, opens us one step further if we face it, into our awareness and our love. 

We have the strength and the power to move mountains, to create rivers and to heal the world. 

It is our time to open to our selves and to complete our work’ - Suraj Khalsa.

This 2 day workshop is a journey of healing from your own birth, your mother’s birth and the ancestral patterns imprinted in the womb.  It is not a big dramatic purging/releasing but working into the  more subtle layers of your being through the divine feminine.  

We open to the parts of us we call the unknown, the unrecognised, the unseen, and allow recognition so that the parts that are causing  difficulties become healed. Old trauma memories become healed and old belief patterns from in the womb, at your birth, or through your family and the female line.   

When we process and heal these deep imprints we heal patterns in our families & children, in our sense of self as a woman and in all our relationships. We will explore our emotions and projections so that we develop a deeper level of self trust, confidence and self love. 

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