Teachers of Yoga, Meditation, Healers and other Spiritual Fields

8 Mentoring Sessions with Suraj

The mentoring process is a unique relationship of guidance on your life path. It will nurture your personal spiritual growth through deepening awareness, insight and intimacy of self and bring clarity and stability to your work.


Sessions include personal reflection and deep listening to your own inner guidance and intuitive nature. To deepen stability in the field of awareness, to trust your guidance and protection and ensure guidance is clear and of the highest vibration. To go beyond the identification as a Teacher or Healer and live in the full integrity of Self.

To receive mentoring you must be committed to actively work on yourself through cultivating awareness in your daily life.  This would include a daily spiritual practice, daily meditation and active mind training.

Program Includes

  • 8 x 1 hour mentoring sessions at $880

  • Private sessions via zoom or skype

  • Mentoring sessions can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or whenever is deemed appropriate for your needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      If you have not met Suraj, a counselling session is necessary before the mentoring relationship.                                                         

  • Valid for 18 months

  • Upfront payment of $880

  • Payment plan - $330 as a deposit to secure the program and then 5 x fortnightly payments of $120

  • Upfront Payment

    Valid for 18 months
  • Payment Plan

    Valid for 18 months