A student teacher questions: "What is your actual vision of Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan?"

To the Student Teachers of Level One 2020 Your questions shows how much you care.  I think to question at the moment is very very important.  When we go beyond Kundalini Yoga there are deeper questions, ie, " How do awakening societies want to live together?”  "What are our core values as societies and what freedom and autonomy are we seeking? “  These deeper questions relating to all of humanity are also within ourselves, ie, “ Who Am I?  Why am I here?  What is really deep within me that I need to awaken to?  How do I want to express myself as a human being on this earth at this time?."  With Kundalini Yoga there are many questions right now around what we have been given as 'The teachings’, some of which you raised.   My question at this time is: "How do we raise the vibrationary awareness or consciousness on the planet?"  Most people are living in cyclical existence, and whether they acknowledge it or not, it is beyond painful, it is suffering over many lifetimes. For me the most important thing is " How can I support the raising of the vibration on planet earth?”   Kundalini Yoga is a tool for that.  That is all it is really.  It is a technology, a tool, not a path.  it is not going to take you to enlightenment.  It is not the superior method that we wanted, like a super highway to heaven.   As with any tool or technology, the most important thing is how we use it.  If you use a shovel like a pitchfork it is not so effective.  Even with meditation, people can use meditation as a bypass, as a  bandaid,  a soothing mechanism or to connect to their deeper nature.   People can use Kundalini Yoga in all sorts of ways too.  They can use it to strengthen their ego, they can use it to manipulate others, they can use it to increase their awareness.   It is not the tool that is so important but the intention and motivation.  How do you want to use it, how do you want to teach it, what are you offering people by teaching it?  Can you offer them a still place to recognise themselves, to start to feel their own natural intrinsic value at a level of their spirit, which they can then place in their heart for all of humanity?  What we are teaching in our trainings is not just a method/technology.  And that is why I haven’t been a vocal part of this duality within our community.   It is so painful, I feel it as we all do.  Yet I am neither for nor against Yogi Bhajan. He is, he was. Our attachment was to something that wasn’t real.  I don’t see Kundalini Yoga as something that was given to us that is above other teachings, or is going to create enlightened beings.  There isn’t one path, we each have our own path and we must explore it ourselves.  The teacher is there to guide you on different levels at different times, but not to show you the way.  Your path is your path, some call it ’the pathless path’,  and you will be shown  it, step by step.   I am happy that you have decided to complete your training.  You will take it to where you are guided to take it.  I don’t want to influence that because your own inner guidance is the highest guidance.   I want to support you to connect into your own guidance.  If KY helps you to do that then I support that.  Our training is not simply to make you a KY teacher.   Our focus in our trainings is to support you to open to your true nature, to create a more aware being, a more conscious being.   A more compassionate, humble, alert being that can find clarity from within.  That is our motivation.  And our intention is to support you to find your path, your way, your guidance, so that humanity can awaken.  I hope this is helpful for you.  We are with you.  I look forward to seeing you soon. Love,


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