Through the practices of yoga, meditation, awareness, walking and breath you will be naturally guided to prepare for the birth of your baby.


This book is a blueprint for the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the mother and her baby from before conception until after birthing.


‘As women we are extraordinarily powerful. Our power lies in our intuition and inner strength.

Every obstacle, every challenge, opens us one step further if we face it, into our awareness and our love. We have the strength and the power to move mountains, to create rivers and to heal the world. 

It is our time to open to our selves and to complete our work’ - Suraj 


The Awakened Woman - Pregnancy​ and Birth



- Sacredness of Woman

- The Breath of Life

- Mind & Meditation

- Preparation for Pregnancy 

- Conscious Conception

- Trimesters

- The Placenta

- Birthing


Nurturing a soul, even before a mother conceives, and then bringing this high divine energy into your pregnancy and through the first three years of your child’s life, this is the gift of being a woman.

We nurture our world and the children of humanity’s future.

The Awakened Woman - Pregnancy​ and Birth